Your Village Hall - Easy Booking and Invoicing System

Why would an easy village hall booking and invoicing system help you?
Village Hall Bookings are usually managed by one very busy person, or by an oft-changing team of volunteers. If you computerise the system, making it quick for the busy person to use and simple for volunteers to manage as a team, you will make the job of village hall bookings and invoicing regulars much more efficient.

How would village hall staff and the public benefit from a village hall easy booking and invoicing system?
The public will benefit from:

A real-time Diary showing availability for the next three years (either on your own website, or accessed simply via a link from your website).

Email confirmation of their booking and payments sent automatically to their inbox.

Hall staff managing Private Hire bookings will benefit from:

No calls asking when the hall is available!

A simple way to make a booking online, which saves the hirer's details for the next time they book

An instantly-updated Bookings Diary

A receipt for the deposit or balance payment sent to hirer via email automatically

Lists of overdue balance payments and other booking details

Lists of bookings for the Keyholder and the Cleaners to view, print and use

Hall staff managing Regular Hirer bookings will benefit from:

A simple way to make a block booking for the same day and time on multiple weeks

An instantly-updated Bookings Diary

Easily-generated paid or unpaid invoice for any number of weeks, to print or save as a PDF

A link for Regular Hirers to view their future confirmed bookings online


Can the village hall easy booking and invoicing system be customised?

Yes. Because the system is set up just for you, you can request modifications to make your system even more personalised, streamlined and time-saving. £POA for any changes required to the standard system as seen below.

What does your village hall easy booking and invoicing system look like?

There's no better way for you to decide whether the system would help you than for you to have a go! Click the links below to view the Diary and to try the Booking and Invoicing System for yourself. If you like what you see, just get in touch and we can talk about the first step to managing Your Village Hall Bookings and Invoicing simply and easily!

Take a look at the village hall bookings dairy
Try your village hall easy booking and invoicing system

For more details, please contact Jackie Fill on 01375 891094